Halaal Certification Process
  • Enquiry

    SANHA brochure and any other relevant information is sent to the applicant upon receiving letter of motivation and/or enquiry NB. An application form will only be processed by SANHA once letter of motivation and/or enquiry is received.

  • Application

    Applicant must make full disclosure of the manufacturing process, ingredients used, supporting documentation, supplier detail, etc. Application form must be completed in full and returned to SANHA office.

    Application forms will only be accepted in original form, duly signed by the Proprietor / Director or authorized representative.

  • Evaluation

    The disclosures made by the Applicant will be evaluated by SANHA and where required, SANHA shall contact the Applicant and / or its suppliers for further clarification / disclosures.

  • Site Inspection

    A site inspection will be conducted to evaluate and verify the actual manufacturing process with respect to the application. Compliance to Halaal certification requirements is determined and outlined at this visit. As may be applicable, recommendations may be made and surprise audits shall be conducted to establish compliance.

  • Certification

    Once compliance is established, a binding agreement is signed between the parties and Halaal certification is issued.

  • Ongoing Audits

    Impromptu audits shall be made thereafter, the frequency of which shall be determined by SANHA.

  • Costs

    Costs vary from industry to industry. Interested parties may contact our offices for specific certification costs relevant to their industry.