SANHA Pakistan is among the first Halaal certification bodies established in the Islamic Republic which aims to provide a professional, competent and authoritative service to the populace of the subcontinent.

Certified Halaal Products

Certified Companies
Mission Statement

To provide a credible Halaal certification and monitoring service so that the rights of Muslims to have access and consume Halaal food is protected and promoted.

Food additives/E-Numbers

Simply put, E- numbers are the code numbers used to identify food additives/ E-numbers which are officially approved a safe to consume.

Need For Halaal Certification
Have you stopped for a moment and examined the groceries in your pantry cupboard or the provisions in your refrigerator? Are you sure about;
  • The red coloring in your ice lolly?
  • The flour improver in your loaf of bread?
  • The cheese you relish and its ingredients?
  • The crumbing on your fish fillet?

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